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Return of the Jedi

Oct 1, 2013   //   by admin   //   Costume Tutorials, Return of the Jedi  //  No Comments

Rebel Legion Endor Commando Costume Standard.pdf Leather parts PDF Han Duster Tutorial pdf Greeblies PDF Gaiter pattern and ins PDF ERS vest front – piece B ERS vest back-piece A ERS front and neck facing-pieces F and G ERS cap sleeve, pocket, rt shouder-pieces C,D,E Endor Rifle and greeblies for salePDF Endor rank badges Endor Paint Tutorial ENDOR HARD PACK1 Endor Hard Pack PDF Endor Greeblies fs Endor Duster tutorial pdf Endor Donut finishing touches-pdf DonutAssemblyGuide Donut reference photos-new Costume Tutorial 4-5-07 PDF Costume Reference Photos PDF Charles Gray wrist com ad-PDF bandolier greeblies tutorial Backpack comparison PDF ANH-15 Replica PDF ANH-15 Leather pieces AN-H-15 HELMET PATTERN

The Empire Strikes Back

Oct 1, 2013   //   by admin   //   Costume Tutorials, The Empire Strikes Back  //  No Comments

backpack closeup Trench Trooper Pants Tutorial Trench Trooper Jacket Seamstress PDF Tech Hat Tutorial Jacket Tutorial PDF Hoth Trench-Hangar Trooper hat Hoth Trench Trooper Vest, backpack carrier Hoth Rebel Soldier Costume Elements PDF Hoth Hat Tutorial-Trench-Hangar Troopers Hoth Hangar Trpr elements Holster Tutorial Hat Ear Com tutorial Hangar Trooper-Tech jumpsuit tutorial1 Hangar Troopers1 Hangar Trooper and Hangar Tech vest tutorial1 Glove-Wrist Com tutorial – PDF Gaiter tutorial PDF Backpack partial tutorial-information

A New Hope

Oct 1, 2013   //   by admin   //   A New Hope, Costume Tutorials  //  No Comments


Rebel Reference-ANH-PDF

RFT Reference Photos-PDF

rft holsters.pdf RFT holsters RFT Holster Tutorial

DH-17 Blaster Tutorial-pub1-PDF

Force Pike Tutorial PDF

RFT Belt Boxes

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